We are dedicated to improving the lives of stray, abandoned, and feral cats


The Greater New Haven Cat Project, Inc. (GNHCP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit volunteer staffed organization dedicated to improving the lives of stray, abandoned, and feral cats in the Greater New Haven area of Connecticut.

To accomplish this goal, our volunteers are active in these areas:

  • Trap/neuter/return of feral cats

  • Hosting craft workshops for children

  • Responding to telephone calls

  • Caring for our foster cats

  • Promoting responsible pet ownership

  • Writing grants to fund our spay/neuter program

  • Providing information, resources, and education



Feral Feline Festival

Our annual dance is coming up on Saturday, November 2nd! Click here to learn more, and Contact Us to buy your ticket!

Upcoming Events

Chewy Promotion

GNHCP receives $20 for every new customer who places an order via Chewy.com. Click the image to participate!


Jadey’s JUJU Promotion

Jadey’s JuJu curates boxes of ethically-sourced, high quality goods (treats, toys, and goodies) for your pet. GNHCP receives 51% of proceeds for boxes sold! Use code GNHCPCHEECHCHONG when checking out to get 20% off your order and to benefit GNHCP.


Adopt a Feline Friend

If you're looking for a new feline friend to brighten up your life, we have many cats in foster care who would love to share your home. The cats and kittens featured on this page are currently residing in foster homes or at the GNHCP Center and can be visited by appointment, once the adoption screening form has been received and you have been interviewed.

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Please Note

GNHCP receives numerous calls/emails each week to assist cats (and people). As an all-volunteer organization, we rely upon our human and financial resources to provide assistance. Our office is open only 1 day per week, and that is the time when spay/neuter and t/n/r appointments are scheduled. Please be patient as we are doing our best with the resources we have to work with. You can contact other organizations and also become more involved as an individual. Our volunteers dedicate their time, energy, and money to help GNHCP and we need to treat them with respect and appreciate their dedication to a problem caused by irresponsible pet owners.


The mission of GNHCP is to seek to end the suffering of feral, stray and abandoned cats through the practice of trap/neuter/return (t/n/r) but also to educate our community ethically about the importance of animal welfare. The cause of the feral cat population is mostly due to irresponsible pet owners whose unsterilized cats and kittens were permitted to roam or who were abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Trap/neuter/return is recognized as the most effective and humane solution to reducing feral cat populations.

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OutDoor Cats

GNHCP engages in trap/neuter/return of outdoor cats, which is the humane and ethical approach to managing the outdoor cat population. Caregivers are also instructed in the proper way to feed and shelter community cats, including respect for surrounding property owners. Once a colony of feral cats has been vaccinated (Rabies and Distemper) and sterilized, the colony is "managed," and no new cats enter the colony, and no new kittens are born. Spaying/Neutering improves the health (and lives) of outdoor cats and reduces nuisance behavior of males (fighting/spraying) and vulnerability of females who can no longer reproduce. 

GNHCP assembles shelters for outdoor cats and distributes them if caregivers do not have the means to provide shelter for their feral cats. We also provide resources and guides on how to make shelters, how to make feeding stations, and instructions on how to feed and care for outdoor cats. 

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From Our Instagram

Big News!

GNHCP has been chosen as the best Animal Rescue Service in the 2018 Best of New Haven Awards!


GNHCP Newsletter

Check out our CATmatters newsletter for stories and updates about our activities. 

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How to Help

We depend on tax deductible donations to finance our activities and help feral cats across Connecticut. There are several ways to support our mission, from direct contributions to vehicle donations, to Amazon Smile purchases. Here are few ways to help:


Order your Pet Food at Chewy.com and The Greater New Haven Cat Project, Inc. will get a $20 donation!

Direct Donation

Click the button above to use our secure process to make an online contribution. You can add a note or designate your donation for a specific purpose in the "Donation Designation" field. 

Grants and Sponsors

The GNHCP is supported by a number of companies and foundations dedicated to improving the lives of animals. Please visit our Partners page to learn more about how we are supported by these organizations and how you can also support our partners. 

Additional Resources

To learn more about our other programs, and to find resources on caring for cats, navigate to our Resources page, where you will find information about:

  • Educational Resources

  • Caring for Outdoor Cats

  • Past Newsletters

  • Our Partners and Sponsors

  • The Farm Homes Project

  • The Tommy Fund

  • Our Senior and Special Needs Cats

  • The GNHCP Feral Feline Festival

  • Children's Activity Books

  • Additional Educational Links